The International Tea Bowl Competition 和敬清寂: Respect:

The Way of Tea was based on four principles (和 敬 清 寂): harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. (…) Respect meaning sincerity of the heart, which allows us to be open to the surroundings, people, nature, while respecting their dignity.(…) In everyday life this rule influences our contacts with other people. We stop seeing the externals and go deeper into human hearts and the essence of all things which we encounter in our environment. In those situations we are building a connection with the whole world that we live in.
Shōshitsu Sen XV, Tea Life, Tea Mind

Organized by the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in

Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future

The fourth venue of the Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future exhibition in Spode-China-Halls during British Ceramics Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent (UK). The exhibition is open between September 23rd and November 5th 2017.

Ceramics and its Dimensions is a project that examines European ceramics from the perspectives of the past as well as of the future, with its new possibilities. The project has partner institutions in eleven different countries in Europe and it is co-funded through the Creative Europe program of EU and coordinated by Porzellanikon Staatliches Museum für Porzellan, Hohenberg a. d. Eger / Selb.

Ceramics and its Dimensions: Shaping the Future (Module 6) is one of the ten modules (sub-projects) of the project and led by Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Design (Helsinki, Finland). The sub-project consists of a workshop, a touring exhibition and a publication and it has been co-funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.